Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday


The first Friday in May is International Sauvignon Blanc day, so here’s a little background to help you prepare for the festivities.

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape that originated in France, where it is  still widely planted in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux .  However, it has also become popular in many New World wine regions, such as Chile, South Africa, and California, but especially New Zealand, where it has become their most widely planted grape.

Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, white wine, with high acidity.  It is often described as crisp and refreshing, and it is one of my favorite wines for summer.  I find Sauvignon Blanc easy to drink on its own, but with its herbal and mineral qualities, it also makes an excellent pairing for fresh vegetables, salads,  fish/seafood, sushi,  and raw oysters.

Common fruit flavors for Sauvignon Blanc are lime (and other citrus), honeydew melon, green apple, and peach.  Additionally, Sauvignon Blanc is known for strong non-fruit flavors such as fresh grass, bell pepper, and chalky minerals.



Di Calla Sauvignon Blanc – Tasting Notes

Producer: Di Calla
Region: Venezia, Italy
Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc
Overall Rating:  

Pairing: Pizza and a hot summer night!  This wine hit the spot on a hot summer evening, but didn’t really have much of a flavor profile.  The acidity gave it a refreshing crispness, but the aromas and flavors were all quite light. 

Color: Straw-Yellow

Brightness: Day Bright

Intensity: Moderate
Age: Youthful
Scent: Floral and Apricot

Dry/Sweet: Dry/Off-dry
Body: Light
Acidity: Crisp
Flavors:  Melon, Apricot, hint of something floral
Finish: Medium (4-5 sec)