Wine online

Wine clubs have been around for a while, and they only seem to be gaining in popularity.  As an obvious wino, I started receiving some targeted ads online for various wine subscription sites.  With the incentive of wine AND discount codes, I decided to try out a few…

Naked Wines funds independent winemakers and then sells those wines directly to their members.  I loved their mission and was happy to be investing in new winemakers; plus, there wines were delicious.  However, due to shipping restrictions to New York, I was only able to buy wines from domestic winemakers, which was disappointing.  Also, I had to order a full case (12 bottles) at a time, which was a bit more than I wanted to order on a regular basis. (No set price, pay by the bottle)

Naked Wines tasting notes:
Jacqueline Bahue Cabernet Franc
F. Stephen Miller Black Label
Cabernet Sauvignon Foothills Reserve
Bruno Chenin Blanc
Angels Reserve Merlot
JC Van Staden Pinot Noir
S&A Amador Touriga

VineBox is a monthly subscription that sends 3 pours of  wines from international wineries that are exclusively imported by Vinebox.  It was so convenient to have these individual pours around the house for those evenings when I didn’t want to open a full bottle. It also provided the opportunity to try some rather fancy wines. ($35/month)

Winc is a wine club that makes their own wines, sourced from small batch vineyards around the world.  I enjoyed the wide range of grape varietals, and they provided good tasting notes with videos. (No set price, pay by the bottle)

Winc tasting notes:
Porter& Plot Grenache Blanc
One From The Quiver Torrentes

Wine Awesomeness is another wine club.  Each month the box has a different theme or “adventure”.   They provide extensive notes, as well as suggested pairings and recipes and even music playlists. ($45/month)

Overall, the main perk to buying wine online was the availability of wine made by unique producers.  However, the shipping regulations and the need to sign for the packages cancelled out the convenience of delivery.  Lastly, I missed visiting my local wine shop(s), where I can attend tastings and talk with the staff, so for now, I’m cancelling my subscriptions.



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