Tasting Notes – The Pilot Hill Gang

img_20161206_091759Name: The Pilot Hill Gang
Producer: Scott McLeod and Matt Parish
Region: El Dorado, California
Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon
Overall Rating:  
Pairing: This was lighter than I expected from a Cab Sauv., and I had a glass while waiting for my delivery  of “The Kitchen Sink” (Pork meatballs and mushroom sauce over fresh greens, with roasted carrots and delicata squash) from The Meatball Shop.  Once my dinner arrived, the tart cherry flavors complemented the spice in the meatballs  and the dusty tannins were perfect with the sweetness of the carrots.

Color: Purplish
Brightness: Dull/Hazy

Intensity: Moderate/Aromatic
Age: Some Age
Scent: Leather and cherries

Dry/Sweet: Dry
Body: Light/Medium
Acidity: Fresh/Smooth
Tannin: Medium
Flavors: Tart cherries and dust


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