Tasting Notes – L’Insurgé

DSC_2659Name: L’Insurgé
Producer: Jeremy Quastana
Region: France
Grape Varieties: Gamay
Overall Rating:  ★★★
Pairing: 100% gamay is unusual, but this was a delicious wine.  Jeremy Ouastana is a young, French winemaker who is all about sustainability.  L’Insurgé is a light bodied red, with excellent fruit flavors and some tartness.  As the French would say, this wine has  plenty of glou-glou.  It is best served slightly chilled and  was a perfect choice for warm fall evening aperitif (i.e. pre-dinner drinks).

Color: Ruby
Brightness: Bright

Intensity: Moderate
Scent: Strawberries and cherries, and some earthiness

Dry/Sweet: Dry/Off-dry
Body: Light
Acidity: Tart
Tannin: Low
Flavors: More berries and cherry flavor, as well as some pepper


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