Tasting Notes – Chat Fou

img_20160930_222549Name: Chat Fou
Producer: Eric Texier
Region: Cotes du Rhone, France
Grape Varieties: Grenache
Overall Rating:  ★★★
Pairing: This is a biodynamic wine out of France that I paired with a fancy grilled cheese sandwich and some broccoli slaw.  The wine was light and very easy to drink, with lots of fruit.  I would have gladly drank it on it’s own, so it paired well with a simple meal like grilled cheese.

Color: Purplish/Ruby
Brightness: Dull/Hazy/Bright/Day Bright/Star Bright/Brilliant

Age: Youthful/Some Age
Scent: berries and a hint of mustiness

Dry/Sweet: Dry
Body: Light/
Acidity: Smooth
Tannin: Low
Flavors: Strawberries, blackberry jam, and slight hints of pepper and chocolate

Finish: Long(5-7 sec)


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