Rosé, a summer fling


Rosé wine, with is fruity flavors and romantic color, is the perfect summer fling.  Not that you can’t drink rosé all year round, but it seems to surge in  popularity every summer.  Rosé wines are made from the same grapes as red wine, but the skins are removed before fermentation.  The shade of pink depends on the length of time that the skins are in contact with the juice.  This is called maceration, and this part of the wine making process allows the grape skins to impart both color and tannins to the grape juice.

Since rosé can be made from many different types of grapes, the flavors and styles vary greatly.  Wine folly has put together a nice guide to the different styles of rosé.  Rosé wine is made in many different wine regions, but Provence, France is one of the few regions that focuses mainly on the production of rosé.  The most common grapes used for rosé from Provence are Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre.  These rosés are using made in a dry style, with a fair amount of acidity and some minerality.  Some common flavors are strawberry, melon, roses, and herbs.  Cheers to summer!




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