July Grape of the Month – Chenin Blanc

Grape of the month - JulyFor July, I have chosen Chenin Blanc as the grape of the month.  This  grape originates from the Loire Valley in France.  The traditional French Chenin Blanc is an off-dry wine, with apple, pineapple, nectarine, or honey flavors.  The sweetness and high acidity of the wine allow for aging for many years.  Chenin Blanc can also be made as a dry (sec) wine, which is becoming more popular in the Savennieries region.  These grapes are also used for  dessert wine and sparkling wine (Crement de Limoux).  Although originating in France,  South Africa is now the largest producer of Chenin Blanc, where the grape is known as Steen. The South African style tends to be drier than the French version.  Chenin Blanc is also found in California and Argentina, where it is often used for white blends and combined with Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,  or Torrontes.




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