Tasting Notes – Le Val Pinot Noir

Name: Le Val Pinot Noir
Producer: IMG_20160511_233540Les Vignerons de la Méditerranée
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir
Overall Rating:  ☆☆
Pairing:  French cheese to go with this French Pinot Noir.  I wasn’t super excited about this Pinot Noir on it’s own, but the berrylicious flavor was balanced by the earthy flavor (funky smell) of my Tomme Crayeuse cheese.   The brie was also tasty, but was somewhat overpowered by the wine.

Color: Purplish/Ruby

Brightness: Dull

Intensity: Moderate
Age: Youthful/Some Age
Scent: Raspberries, ripe and sweet

Dry/Sweet: Dry
Body: Light/Medium/
Acidity: Fresh/Smooth
Tannin: Low/Medium
Flavors: Still lots of berry, but a bit on the acidic side, and has enough tannins to give it some body.

Finish: Medium (4-5 sec)


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