May Grape of the Month – Pinot

Grape of the month - MayFor May I’m diving into the Pinot family.  The main varietal is Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris (aka Pinot Grigio, the Italian name) and Pinot Blanc result from mutations of the Pinot Noir grape.  When the mutations occur, the color of the skin changes from dark purple  (Pinot Noir) to grayish-blue/pink (Pinot Grigio) to greenish-white (Pinot Blanc).  Although, the Pinot Gris grapes are not white, the skins are removed before fermentation, so resulting in a white wine.    Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are usually citrusy, with some honey flavor.  The common flavors for Pinot Noir are raspberry, cherry, and cranberry.  The skins of the Pinot varietals tend to be thin, and thus Pinot Noir wines usually  have less tannin and lighter body than many other reds.




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