Lioco Indica – Tasting Notes

Name: Indica
Producer: Lioco
Region: Mendocino County, CA
Grape Varieties: Carignan
Overall Rating:  

Photo bombed by the cat – I think he wanted some wine, too!

Pairing:  My husband grilled up some burgers and zucchini to enjoy one of the last warm evenings of summer.  The Indica was a great match for the burgers.  It had enough acid and body to stand up to the burger, but was very easy drinking and would have also been delicious without food. We finished off the meal with some Ghirardelli dark chocolate, which was a lovely pairing as well.

Color: Purplish/Ruby

Brightness: Dull

Intensity: Moderate
Age: Youthful
Scent: Dark fruit and leather

Dry/Sweet: Dry
Body: Medium
Acidity: Fresh
Tannin: Medium
Flavors: Blackberries (a bit jammy) and more earthy, than leather on the taste
Finish: Medium (4-5 sec)


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