L’O de Joncier Grenache- Tasting Notes

Name: L’O de Joncier
Producer: Domaine du Joncier
Region: Côtes du Rhône
Grape Varieties: Grenache

Color: Red/Garnet
Brightness: Dull

Intensity: Aromatic
Age: Youthful
Scent: Lots of berry

Dry/Sweet: Dry
Body: Medium
Acidity: Smooth
Tannin: Low/Medium
Flavors: Dark fruit (blackberries and cherries), with a hint of pepper and wood
Finish: Medium (4-5)

Pairing: Cheese Plate at Lucy’s Whey.  I really enjoyed this wine.  It was fruity and easy to drink, but with enough body and tannin to really complement the cheese.  Also, our waiter informed us that this is an organic/biodynamic wine, which basically means that the grapes are grown without chemical pesticides, and the vineyard uses herbal alternatives and composting techniques to ensure healthy soil .

Overall Rating:  


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